About us

In the 90’s India’s Foreign Exchange Deposit went alarmingly low making India’s political condition very insecure. Post independence Indian economy was designed on socialistic pattern leaving hardly any room for private investment – by and large the growth of Indian industries was throttled by ‘Licence Raj’. At this critical time, Dr Manmohan Singh, the then Finance Minister rolled the ball of liberalization

Disturbed by the tumultuous situation of Indian a few distinguished citizens of Delhi stormedtheir brains to do something that help Indian economy overcome the ordeal.

Thus India International Friendship Society was founded as a non-Profit non-Governmental Organization (NGO)in the year …… on four very strong pillars – friendship, patriotism, commitment and ethical values.The guiding force of the Society is based on the noble philosophy of serving the cause of motherland - headed by one of the most distinguished personalities of India possessing some rare attributes like uprightness and discipline, loyalty and concern - the former CBI Director Sardar Joginder Singh.